Let’s Knit Crieff

Let’s Knit Crieff is an informal knitting group which meets weekly in an evening. The group is open to all abilities and levels of experience and crochetters and other crafters are welcome too! There is no charge but as it is held in a local cafe it is expected that you purchase teas/coffees/wine etc!
Mandy Moore who runs the group also offers knitting and crochet classes in her arts and crafts gallery, an cnoc, also situated in Crieff High street.
Where: We currently meet at the red squirrel cafe on crieff high street although the organiser is looking for an alternative venue within the town to make group even more accessible!
When: Wednesday evening 5.30-7pm
Contact Name: Mandy Moore
Contact Phone: 01764 650045
Contact Email: mandy {at} an-cnoc(.)com


8 Responses to “Let’s Knit Crieff”

  1. catherine falconer says:

    do you know of a knitting circle in perth ?

  2. mandy says:

    Sorry catherine I haven’t heard of any although the new gorgeous yarn store at bridgeend may be able to help! The peacock and the tortoise run knitting classes but I am not sure if they do a group and there are groups in auchterarder and newburgh.
    Our group has now moved venue – we now meet at the murraypark hotel on connaught terrace in crieff – it is still on wednesday evenings from 5.30-7pm and there is still no charge for the group.
    Alllevels and abilities welcome and you dont need to be from crieff to come!
    best wishes

  3. aswathi says:

    hai..i would like to know where i can find hand knitting classes in croydon.

  4. Brenda Dixon says:

    I would like to find out more about Scottish Knitting particularly from the Thurso Wick O’Groates area or Scotland.

    Thank you.

  5. Brenda Dixon says:

    I would like to find out more about Scottish Knitting from the Thurso, Wick and O’Groates area of Scotland.

    Thank you!

  6. Judith Glasgow says:

    I am looking for a knitting group in Perth as well. I think there could be the start of one. We could start one if anyone is interested. I’ll keep an eye out for interest.

  7. Anne Mitchell says:

    I am looking for a knitting group in Perth.

  8. Annie says:


    Your last post is 2011 – are you still meeting?

    Many Thanks


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