Kilmarnock Knitters

We are a friendly group of knitters and crocheters from Kilmarnock and the surrounding towns and villages.  Newcomers will always be made welcome.
Where: In the conservatory at the back of The Riverbank Bar & Restaurant, Bank Street, Kilmarnock
When: Mondays 2-4pm, Tuesdays 6-8pm
Contact Name: Kimberley
Contact Email: kilmarnockknitters {at}
Group Website:


2 Responses to “Kilmarnock Knitters”

  1. Joanne Cowley says:

    I live in Ayr and was scouting about to see if there were any knitting groups and your name came up. I am not all that familiar with Kilmarnock, could you tell me where you are and a bit about your group. I am in Glasgow in the morning and would need to see what arrangements I could make to get to you.


  2. Linda garven says:

    Where are you now as riverbank is closd

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