Plymouth Knitters Social

Knit, crochet, cross stich or just make stuff with a pint of ale or a g & t.  We’ve always got spare needles and yarn for anyone who wants to learn.  We’re a very social (and productive) group who’ve been meeting for over 6 months. We range from 8 to 20 people every week, so pop along!

Where: The Naughty Corner in The Fortescue Pub, Mutley Plain, Plymouth
When: Every Tuesday evening from 7.30pm
Contact: Katie
Email: sewdarngood {at}


18 Responses to “Plymouth Knitters Social”

  1. Rachel says:

    Hi Katie
    Went on a wander through the net and came across your link.
    I am hoping you can help me, as I am looking fro someone to knit me some jumpers I have tried on many occasions to lean but now admit defeat and was wondering if you or any of the group knit for other people.
    I am happy to provide all that is necessary
    Many thanks fro reading

  2. sue says:

    Hi Katie
    Came across you on the net. I have just started knitting and your club sounds just the thing. Hope to see you on Tuesday.

  3. yvonne says:


    live in plymouth….busy full time job and small family but no real frends….can knit (just) is this group still going and can anyone pop in??? Im quite shy so need a bit of confidence to actually walk in….can you tell me more??

  4. admin says:

    Not sure about this group in Plymouth, but if you have transport we have a group in Modbury you’d be welcome to come to. We’re a friendly bunch of varying abilities.

  5. Allen says:

    Anyone make use of a knitting machine?Can be delivered free in Plymouth

  6. Sheeba says:


    Is this knitting group still going? if yes can someone please give me the proper address and contact.


  7. Jan says:

    Likewise, I’d love to know if this group is still going and if so accurate contact details

  8. jane says:

    Would be very interested in the group in Modbury, if it is still going. Could You let me have the address and dates and times.

    Many thanks

  9. admin says:

    Yes, we’re still going strong. Next meeting is on Wednesday 16th and every two weeks thereafter. We meet at 7.30pm at my shop. Details here:

  10. Lynn Cardwell says:

    Dear Knitwits!
    I am looking for an experienced knitter to make a small waistcoat a la Kaffe Fassett.

    I have enough wool I think, doesn’t have to conform to pattern (some licence is great). Size about 8 or 10 I think.

    Delighted to pay any mad fool who volunteers.

    01364 643962

  11. Abbie says:

    Hi guys,
    I am trying to learn to crochet and was wondering first, if this group was still going and second if anyone would be able to help.
    Many thanks!

  12. Maureen Jordan says:

    Hi guys I’m looking for a person who can crotchet to learn me granny squares and how to fasten off and other tips

  13. Kim says:

    Hello, most of these comments are bit older – do you still meet at the Fortescue? Looking for a group to join but must be evenings – I work 9-5. Thanks

  14. Tina says:

    as above quesion. I work all day but would love a group to join in the evening. Is the Mutley group still functioning? Thanks to anyone who replies x

  15. Mrs Joan Wills says:

    Would love to join a group as I have two or three items of knitting started but now having problems with shaping. Would like to have some expert advice on finishing these garments. Thanks

  16. Kasia says:

    Hi All,
    I do crochet and would love join the group :) if the group isn’t there anymore Im quite happy to meet with girls that do crochet too :) so we can share our hobby :)

  17. Deborah says:

    Well a glance at the facebook page suggests they are still active, though presumably not popping onto this site much any more :P

  18. Beryl Stoyle says:

    I am a lady who lives in a mobile home at Glenholt and would love to join a group of
    ladies or gents who are interested in knitting crochet cross stitch etc
    The last bus from here is 6 pm from park and ride which again is a 20min walk to it and back
    All community buses finish at 4 but are active from 9am
    So I can on a weekly trip go to and fro on this bus between 9am to 3.30
    If anyone living near me would like to come to my home I would be ok with that as I could easily cope with around 10
    I also have a car space and probably two cars could park there if need be
    Welcome any feed back

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