Looking for a knitting group?

Knitting and crochet has never been more popular than right now and groups of knitters regularly meet together to knit and chat and unwind over a ball of yarn!  Use this site to find a knitting group near you.

Start your own knitting club or crochet group

If you don’t have a knitting or crochet group that meets near you, why not start one?  It’s easy:

  • Find a place to meet. This could be a cafe or pub, library, village hall or even someone’s house.  Just make sure that there are enough seats for everyone.  It’s a good idea to have a table or two around, and somewhere to buy or make refreshments.
  • Spread the word. To find fellow knitters, advertise your group in local press, put a poster up in your local library or local shop windows and of course, in your local yarn shop.  Tell all the knitters you know to invite their friends along. Join Ravelry and seek out other knitters in your area.
  • Stay regular. Try to keep to the same night of the week and the same starting time.  (Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday nights are your best choices. A good starting time would be 7pm, which gives people enough time to get there after work, without a lot of empty time in between.) Not everyone will be able to come every week, so staying regular will make it easier for people to turn up when they can.
  • List your knitting group here. Be sure to come back here and list your group details once you’re up and running!